"Tips For Selling" Your Home Is Only a General Outline of Suggestions on How to Make Your Home Inviting and Priced Right for Potential Buyers. For More Information Please Call 817-626-HOME.

In General. . .

*Make Sure Your Home is Clean, Well Lit & has Very Little Clutter in sight. *If you are painting or installing new carpert in your home it is a good idea to use neutral colors.  *Make Sure it Smells Clean & Fresh When You Enter or at the Very Least has a Neutral Odor.  *The Scent of Your Home has a Huge Impact on a First Impression!  *Keep Furniture to a Minimum so Rooms Feel Larger.  *Remember when you have Too Many Personal Items around it is Very Difficult for Others to Envision their Own Belongings in those Places and this is a Key Factor in Selling Your Home!

In the Kitchen. . .

*Clean the Interior & Exterior of All Appliances, Oven Hood & Cabinet Faces.
*Remove all Clutter & Unnecessary Items from Counter Tops, Clean Back Splashes & Mop Floors!

In the Bedrooms. . .

*Remove Excess Clutter! If You Don't Need it, Store it or Throw it Away!
*Even Filling up the Garage is Better than Over Crowding High Traffic Areas!
*Arrange or Remove Furniture to Maintain Good Traffic Flow.

In the Bathrooms. . .

*Thoroughly Clean Sinks, Tubs & Toilets.
*Keep them Mopped & Free of Rust Spots & Mildew.

Out 'In' the Yard. . .

*Keep the grounds well groomed.*Maybe add a few new plants to the Landscape.....keep the yard looking easy to take care of.

Price your Home Right...

*It is Hard if not Impossible to Sell an Overpriced Home.  *The Sales price should be Based on the Current Market Value and not Solely on what is 'Needed or Wanted' out the property.  *Avoid the stress of waiting and waiting for an offer on an overpriced home......Price it Right.  *Potential Buyers are furnished the same value information by their Agents when Buying a home that the Seller is furnished by their Agent.......both the Seller and the Buyer know the Market Value so Price it Right.

Ask your Agent for a 'Current Market Analysis'...

*A Current Market Analysis, or 'CMA', will allow you to see first hand what has Sold in your area and the Price that each property Sold for.  *A CMA contains a lot of useful information including the Original List Price of Similar Properties, the number of days on the Market and the Actual Sales Price.  *You can also see a number of other categories including the Prices and Days on the Market for Homes that are Still Listed, Under Option, Pending Sale, Expired, Cancelled or Withdrawn. *Use this information to help you make a decision about a Realistic Price that will sell your home and in the shortest time possible.  *Again it is Important to remember that this is information that is available to Both the Buyer and the Seller.  *Today's Buyers and Sellers are a Well Infomed Group.

Do you Owe more than the Market Value of your Property???

*Depending on how long you have owned your home and your loan payoff requirements you may find that you simply have no Equity........and worse yet you owe more than the Market Value of your Property.  Most Home Owners in this situation believe they MUST offer their property at a Sales Price higher than it's Market Value in order to cover the Pay Off on their Mortgage.....this is not necessarily true and remember Over Priced Homes are Hard if not Impossible to Sell.  *If this is similar to your sitiuation then ask your agent to go over the possiblity of a Short Sale and let's move forward to get your home sold quickly so you can move on.

Have You Fallen Behind On Your Mortgage??? 

*If you have fallen behind on your Mortgage Payments and are facing Foreclosure please don't keep this to yourself......Let your Agent know the severity of your situation.  *The earlier the is much easier to help you sell your home when you are current or no more than a payment or two behind than it is when a Foreclosure Sale is eminent.  *For More Information click on 'AVOID FORECLOSURE' and of course let your Agent know as soon as possible.  *Beware of Investors who offer to buy your home and sell or rent back to you.  Beware of Folks claiming 'We can save your home from Foreclosure'.....they are springing up everywhere.  *Talk to your Agent and remember at Texas Family Realty 'We're here for You!'

Make Your Home Available.

Make your home available for Potential Buyers.  Most Buyers will shop for a home when they have free time and that is normally in the afternoons and on Weekends.  Try to make your home available for showing as close to the requested time as possible.  Keep in mind that If Buyers cannot see your home when it is convenient for them they may look at other homes instead of yours.

Have A Plan.

Try to have a plan in place that provides for somewhere to go while the property is being shown.  Potential Buyers want to imagine the home as theirs and this can be hard to do with the Seller present.  If it is just not possible for the Buyer to leave they should go outside or in the garage and leave the Realtor and Buyer alone to get a good feel for the property.